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Mind Games is a 3D first person horror game where the player is trapped in an nightmare that has manifested as a maze. The player must traverse all 6 sides of the maze while avoiding the monsters that lurk in the depths of their mind. The end goal is the complete all the mazes allowing the player to wake up from the nightmare.

This 3D puzzle maze game takes place inside a cube. It was made for a game jam at Southampton Solent University and will be getting updated and worked on if we have time around our uni work. 

Next iteration: Enemy update to fix animation and ai, Level flow to ensure all doors and levers are working correctly, traps implementation as they are made just forgot to be implemented. 

This project was created by 4 people in 4 days at the state it is at the moment. 


Contributors: Samuel Wilson - Project Lead, Level Design, Levels

                                Daniel Foyle - Lead Programmer, Modelling

                                Byron Andrews-Salvietto - Programmer, Audio, Animations, Levels

                                Oliver Neale - Models, Animation, Audio, Levels


Credit Doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/14skSMkdTqdO6fw9gLm0nAJeYh3HxQPhUVLqyWCLWw2Y/...


MindGames.zip 47 MB

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